Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What If Harry Was A Muggle?

What if… Harry Potter was a muggle? That is the thought that crossed my mind when I first conceived the concept of “Daniel.” Harry is extremely brave, he’s kind hearted, in wanting to keep his friends out of danger, he wants to work alone, even though he knows he can’t always figure things out without them. 

When the Harry Potter series ended this year with "Deathly Hallows Part 2," the actor who played Harry, Daniel Radcliffe, was 21 years old. I’ve read several interviews from Daniel, and he’s a smart young man, with a good head on his shoulders, who hasn’t been corrupted by Hollywood. He’s had many excellent mentors that have helped to keep him straight, including wise parents.

But it wasn’t Daniel (Radcliffe’s) characterization that kept niggling me with a story line; it was Harry’s, although his background kept changing on me, and is now totally different. He had a mom, who died of cancer when he was about 18. With his mom’s long illness, and his dad’s long work days as a fire-fighter, “Daniel” basically raised his two sisters, Lucy and Jaime, and took care of his mom. Daniel had to be a man long before he reached the legal age, much like Harry.

By the way, I emphatically DID NOT simply steal Daniel’s name, or what he looks like. The character himself has told me repeatedly that is what his name is, and he won’t let me change it. So there.

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